Technologies for the food industry

  • Technologies for the food industry

    The products we offer are made by well-known companies from around the world, used by producers of sweets and confectionery, beverages, dips and sauces, meat and margarine. After over two decades of developing our portfolio and knowledge in this area, we feel free to claim we have no equals.

    specialist and technologist for the food industry at Aromat-Vertex
  • Technologies for the food industry

    Our offer and capabilities develop in two ways. First, we monitor and follow the newest trends in the area: new products, emerging technologies. Second, we listen to our clients and are open to their suggestions and inquires, even the unusual ones.

    specialist and technologist for the food industry at Aromat-Vertex

Our food industry portfolio

Taste and smell

These senses have the biggest impact on human emotions, thus require special attention when creating innovative products. For this purpose we offer a wide range of flavors and natural extracts, oleoresins and fruit powders.


The consistency of a product and its tactile properties can also be the factors influencing its market success and consumer popularity. In order to provide maximum control in this matter we offer fat concentrates, stabilizers, emulsifiers and enzymes.


Consumers of the 21st century search for extraordinary products, adjusted to their needs that can also positively surprise them – eating is not about just satisfying hunger anymore. Our clients' products can be enriched with sauces, liquid and crunchy caramel, toppings, dried fruit and vegetables, nuts, popping candy and more.


It’s no secret that "you eat with your eyes first" – even before tasting or smelling food, our sight is drawn to products that are pretty or stand out, in which appearance is a promise of high-quality. To help influence the product’s look, we offer food colorings, juice concentrates, fruit powders and extracts.